Trip Tips

Captain Bubba's Trip Tips

Fishing Skills

We fish with 16 oz. of lead on a two hook rig. If that rig hits someone it hurts real bad. When1 you drop your rig down after you hear the horn to fish, keep your finger on the spool as it goes down. If you don’t you will have a problem. We fish anywhere from 100 feet to 180 feet all depends on how much time we have and how long the trip will be. When you get to the bottom take a couple of cranks off the bottom, the Capt. will tell you where the fish are, on the bottom, 6 cranks up, etc.

Listen and Follow Instructions

When you come up grab the weight with the your other hand and the deckhands will remove the fish, if you do not want to wait on him, remove it yourself, but beware they have teeth and spines. Bait your hook, and hurry up and get back down, you cannot catch a fish unless your hook is in the water. When the Capt. Blows the horn and you are down come up, don’t be a slow reeler, get it up quick so we can get back on the fish. We go after a better grade of fish on the Katelyn because we are not fishing so many. We use live bait and single hooks to try and catch the big ones but sometimes we have to catch whatever we can. It’s called fishing.

We will always give you 110%. The deckhands work for you and tips, so please tip them at the end of day, a tip is 15-20% of the trip. The tips are split between them. On a walk-on it is 20% of what ever you paid for the ticket. This is customary on whatever charter boat you fish with.

All fish have a size limit or a closed season, we don’t make the rules but we follow them. The deckhands and Capt. will tell you what fish you can keep or how long they must be. If you are having trouble hooking a fish tell the deckhand he will help you the best he can, there are 2 or 4 of them.

When we come into the dock please watch your hands and when the deckhands start calling the numbers listen very closely or your fish will be history, it’s sad to say.
If you have any questions do no hesitate to ask, we always have an instructional period going out. This is when we talk about what we will be doing, rules we have, and lifesaving equipment we have and how to use it.
Thank You, Hope To See Ya Onboard!

Capt. Bubba T.